Birthday Gifts

Birthday Gifts

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  1. Coffee Time
    Special Price AED 115.00 Regular Price AED 157.50 27%OFF
  2. Basket Full of Love
    Special Price AED 178.50 Regular Price AED 225.75 21%OFF
  3. Mange Tout Dried Fruit Box
    Special Price AED 168.00 Regular Price AED 193.20 13%OFF
  4. Happiness
    AED 971.25
  5. Happy Birthday Mixed Roses & Balloon
    Special Price AED 198.45 Regular Price AED 236.25 16%OFF
  6. Star Quality
    AED 1,365.00
  7. Sweet Spa Treats
    Special Price AED 341.25 Regular Price AED 414.75 18%OFF
  8. The Perfect Match
    Special Price AED 236.25 Regular Price AED 288.75 18%OFF
  9. Maltesers Birthday Surprise
    Special Price AED 324.45 Regular Price AED 374.85 13%OFF
  10. Deluxe Chocolate Arrangement Tray IV
    Special Price AED 126.00 Regular Price AED 130.20 3%OFF
  11. Blue Sparkle Happy Birthday Balloons
    Special Price AED 157.50 Regular Price AED 189.00 17%OFF
  12. The Winslow Picnic Basket for Two
    Special Price AED 199.50 Regular Price AED 288.75 31%OFF
  13. You're The Best Dad
    Special Price AED 299.25 Regular Price AED 336.00 11%OFF
  14. Healthy Selection Box
    Special Price AED 199.50 Regular Price AED 236.25 16%OFF
  15. 1/2kg Black Forest Cake & 12 Red Roses
    Special Price AED 236.25 Regular Price AED 273.00 13%OFF
  16. Football BBQ Set
    Special Price AED 147.00 Regular Price AED 189.00 22%OFF
  17. Mixed Arabic Sweets 305g
    Special Price AED 92.40 Regular Price AED 115.50 20%OFF
  18. Mixed Arabia Box Large
    Special Price AED 152.25 Regular Price AED 173.25 12%OFF
  19. Sweet Surprise
    Special Price AED 99.75 Regular Price AED 141.75 30%OFF
  20. LOVE Tempting Treats
    Special Price AED 328.65 Regular Price AED 425.25 23%OFF
  21. PINK Surprise
    Special Price AED 387.45 Regular Price AED 418.95 8%OFF
  22. Sweet Tea
    AED 175.35
  23. Rainbow Cake Column
    Special Price AED 177.45 Regular Price AED 198.45 11%OFF
  24. Wellness
    AED 336.00
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For the perfect birthday Gifts for Him, Dubai can always count on Mange Tout

Birthdays mark a new milestone in the life of a person. For some, it is the opening of a new chapter, holding new and exciting experiences to explore. That is why we celebrate every birthday with gifts to commemorate the occasion. Finding the right birthday gifts for every person can be difficult though. For one, the gift must be something that the recipient will actually appreciate receiving. This means trying to figure out that person’s personality and giving a gift that is agreeable for him.

If you are looking for ideas for birthday gifts for him, in Dubai the perfect place to shop is Mange Tout Gifts Trading LLC.

birthday gifts Dubai

Our online shop has a wide array of gift ideas and options for you to check out, from the most sumptuous chocolate sponge cakes to sweets baskets that feature a variety of tasty delights. With our online shop, you cut out the time spent walking around malls, trying to find a gift that fits his personality. Instead, you can spend your time preparing the list of visitors for his birthday bash or thinking of creative ways to make the celebration more fun.

Timely delivery, on the same day, right at your doorstep

Not only do we offer gift options, we also provide same day delivery of your orders wherever you are in Dubai. We take away the hassle of driving through the city and picking up your order at a designated drop off point, and just deliver it to you right away. It’s quick, reliable, and hassle-free!

If you want to surprise him on your special day, we can surprise him with a timely delivery to your chosen destination. On the other hand, if you want it brought to you first for inspection, we can do that as well.

Ready to get your gifts on time? Contact us today!

With Mange Tout, you will never have to worry about searching for a gift to give. We have got you covered! To know more about our services, feel free to get in touch with us!

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