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  1. Special Kind of Love
    Special Price AED 94.50 Regular Price AED 152.25 38%OFF
  2. Precious Little Prince
    Special Price AED 275.00 Regular Price AED 372.75 26%OFF
  3. Star Quality
    AED 1,365.00
  4. Happiness
    AED 971.25
  5. Happy Birthday Mixed Roses & Balloon
    Special Price AED 198.45 Regular Price AED 236.25 16%OFF
  6. Basket Full of Love
    Special Price AED 178.50 Regular Price AED 225.75 21%OFF
  7. Make Merry
    Special Price AED 208.95 Regular Price AED 246.75 15%OFF
  8. 12 Mixed Coloured Roses Bouquet
    Special Price AED 183.75 Regular Price AED 204.75 10%OFF
  9. 24 White Roses Bouquet
    Special Price AED 252.00 Regular Price AED 309.75 19%OFF
  10. Lavish Roses
    AED 1,102.50
  11. 50 Red Tulips
    Special Price AED 682.50 Regular Price AED 761.25 10%OFF
  12. Rainbow of Tulips
    Special Price AED 1,050.00 Regular Price AED 1,207.50 13%OFF
  13. 100 White Roses
    Special Price AED 997.50 Regular Price AED 1,048.95 5%OFF
  14. Dazzling Red Tulips
    Special Price AED 313.95 Regular Price AED 341.25 8%OFF
  15. LOVE Tempting Treats
    Special Price AED 328.65 Regular Price AED 425.25 23%OFF
  16. Peace Lily
    AED 231.00
  17. Romantic Roses - Magic 20
    Special Price AED 262.50 Regular Price AED 351.75 25%OFF
  18. Bouquet of 12 Red Roses
    Special Price AED 193.20 Regular Price AED 208.95 8%OFF
  19. Springtime
    AED 262.50
  20. Blue Tones
    AED 393.75
  21. 24 Red Roses in a Vase
    Special Price AED 330.75 Regular Price AED 372.75 11%OFF
  22. 12 Red Roses in a Vase
    Special Price AED 210.00 Regular Price AED 257.25 18%OFF
  23. Roses and Chocolates
    Special Price AED 225.75 Regular Price AED 246.75 9%OFF
  24. Friendship Bouquet
    Special Price AED 208.95 Regular Price AED 220.50 5%OFF
  25. Awesome Red 200 Red Roses
    Special Price AED 1,890.00 Regular Price AED 2,205.00 14%OFF
  26. Pink and White Blush Tulips
    Special Price AED 656.25 Regular Price AED 819.00 20%OFF
  27. Wild Bunch
    AED 1,102.50
  28. A Bountiful Harvest
    Special Price AED 372.75 Regular Price AED 414.75 10%OFF
  29. Sunshine Birthday Bloom & Balloon
    Special Price AED 236.25 Regular Price AED 278.25 15%OFF
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