Eid Deluxe Treats

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AED 341.25

The silver colour reusable round platter contains deluxe treats for Ramadan.

The keepsake Bronze Lantern is filled to the top also with Ramadan favorite treats too.

Luxury Chocolate Covered Dates 60g
Al Qamar Arabian Barazek 85g
Inmensa Green Olives with Garlic and Red Pepper
Maatouk Arabic Coffee Light Roast with Cardamoun
UAE Dirham Milk Chocolate Coins in Organza
Gold Crescent Box with individually wrapped dates (10pcs)
Natural Date Bar - Berries
Natural Date Bar - Exotic
Vimto Fruit Cordial Drink 710ml
Bronze Lantern
Tamrah Caramel Chocolate Covered Dates
Al Mealim Arabic Sweets
Kreeks Peppered Cashew Nuts
Luxury Khidri Dates with Nuts
Sesame Seed Bar

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