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Perfect sleep solution for you and your family. The softer fiber and foam gently caress your eyes while the built-in Bluetooth earphones allows you to take calls or listen to soothing tunes as you fall asleep. Eye bliss is a dust proof and waterproof mask for you that keeps the environment pitch black ensuring you get maximum comfort.

Wireless Bluetooth mask
Comfortable and contoured design
Simple controls with LED
Dust proof and waterproof sleep mask for your family

Magical Fact

According to Dr. Jon Born from German University, Music during sleep stimulates low oscillations in the brain, which leads to enhanced memory development. Based from this finding, the researchers also believe that sleeping with music could improve the overall sleeping experience as well. A good night's rest has been linked to several health benefits as well.

Ultra Light Weight

Enhance your health by sleeping well with Merlin Eye Bliss which is ultra-light on your eyes and extremely breathable. Therefore, it is the ultimate soothing relief for your tired eyes.

Wireless Bluetooth Mask

Merlin Eye Bliss is just not an ordinary sleep mask but it is enabled with Bluetooth earphones & Microphone that can connect to any Bluetooth device.

Long Lasting Battery

Enjoy your soothing tracks for 2.5 hours while sleeping. It comes with a stand by time of 40 hours, therefore, ensuring you can use your Merlin Eye Bliss for longer duration.

Easy and simple to use. One key to switch to hands-free mode, making it simple to attend calls for you while you are enjoying the music.

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