Gorgeous and Delicious Valentine's Chocolate Gift Boxes

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Valentine’s Day is near, people are on the lookout to find that surprise gift for their lover, friend or spouse. The way to the heart is through the stomach, goes the popular saying. And nothing elevates the mood and brings positivity than chocolates. They are delicious, irresistible and the perfect gift for someone you love. Yes, make your love feel special and romantic with chocolates for Valentine’s Day. You have a choice of chocolate gift baskets available on online delivery in Dubai.

Here is a collection of Chocolate Gift baskets at Mange Tout you may choose this year to surprise your Valentine. 

All Things Chocolate AED 367.50

Chocolates come in red and golden wrappers. Yes, they are Belgian Milk Chocolates. The delicious smooth-textured milk chocolates are vegetarian and melt in the mouth easily. Made from the finest cocoa, finely roasted and grounded. Packed in Earthernware gray pot, tied with red ribbons and bows, wrapped in cellophane.

Godiva Gold 24 AED 299.25

Sweet and tangy chocolates in this gift box with round, heart, triangle and diamond shapes with decorations pleasing to the eye and melts in the mouth easily. Twenty four pieces of the iconic chocolate with the finest fillings.

Beckham and Chocolates for Him AED 257.25

Why chocolates alone. Combine Belgian Milk Chocolate with David Becham Classic Blue Eau de Toilette to delight him. It comes with an exquisite keepsake Silver and Gold Colour serving tray. Wrapped in cellophane, colourful ribbons and bows.

Deluxe Chocolate Arrangement III AED 393.75

This is a perfect gift for Valentine's filled with Belgian Milk Chocolates on a silver colour tray.  It scores high on creaminess, sweetness and melt rate. The ideal combination of milk solids and cocoa solids- a healthy, tasty combine for your love.

Cadbury's Chocolate Treat AED 198.45

A wholesome and tasty collection of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates in various shzes- Bubbly chocolate, Chocolate tablets, Fruit and Nuit, Cadbury Chocolate Hazel Nuts, Mlk Caramel and Cookie Gummy Crunch. It comes wrapped in a beautiful bouquet.

Choco Charms  AED 194.25

Chocolate dark and brown delivers the passion you wish to share to your loved one. Choco Charms is an assorted collection of dark chocolates with Godiva Masterpieces Milk Chocolate bars and Milk Chocolate sticks and presented in a ceramic white pot.  Gold foam base and festive ribbons make it a masterpiece Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love. 

If your valentine loves chocolate, you have a variety of options at Mange Tout , the Valentine’s Day Gift delivery service in Dubai. Now avail our online gift delivery service to please your love. Chocolates come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and flavours, round, square or the heart, milk and dark. chocolates in baskets, pots, gift boxes and bouquets. Or a blended chocolate offering with apricots, London American hard gums and two Diyas. Make your love indulge in the tastiest of chocolates from our collection to make the Valentine’s Day a memorable one. To know more about our chocolate gift collections, visit Mange Tout.


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