10 Ramadan Gifts You've Been Looking for in Dubai

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Ramadan Gifts

Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims, which lasts for 29 to 30 days based on the sightings of the crescent moon. It is observed by fasting, prayers and acts of giving. Families and friends get together to celebrate even when undergoing fasting. Everyday people gather together to break the fast and gifts are exchanged. Those who are looking for gifts for Ramadan have the option of using online gift delivery services in Dubai. 

Here are 10 Ramadan gift suggestions for you:

Ramadan Kareem Dates Box (AED 194.25)

Dates are high energy nutritious fruits that can be eaten daily for health and wellness. Dates are the first thing that people look for after fasting to get instant energy.  This Ramadan Kareem Dates Box contains an assortment of Premium Khidri dates with lemon, almond, pistachio and walnut flavours. Ideal for corporate gifting.

Exotic Fruit & Flower Arrangement II  (AED 875)

This is indeed a delightful collection of fruits from the tiny grapes packed with nutrients to Rambutan that is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Perfect gift for a month of fasting and prayers. Other fruits in this collection are apples, bananas, grapes, pineapple, plums, strawberry and sweet melon. To complement them are the flowers alstroemeria, orchids and roses.

Chocolate Crescent Box XV (AED 85.05)

This is a box full of sweetness and goodness. Not many know chocolates are not for just the sweet tooth but nutritious as well. It lowers the risk of heart attacks and stroke. This chocolate collection is Belgian Milk wrapped in a really awesome Gold Colour Crescent box.

Arabic Deco Lantern (AED 78.75)

A lamp dispels darkness and brings hope and positive energy to the surroundings. This lamp is a decoration and an asset anyone will cherish for a lifetime. These two Arabic Deco lanterns are ideal to brighten up an office or home.

Snack Attack (AED 194.25)

Packed with some quick bites of the delicious chocolates, mini pringles, crackers, dates and beverages.

Ramadan Festive Chocolates (AED 498.75)

Pamper to the taste buds of your loved and dear ones with this delightful collection of chocolates set in a keepsake gold colour tray. 

Iftar Tea Treats (AED 198.45)

Dry fruits are indeed energy and delicious too. This collection is really rich with premium Khidri dates with Pistachio, Almond, mixed nuts and rose bud tea.

Mange Tout Dried Fruit Box (AED 193.20)

None gets tired of eating dry fruits. This box contains a wholesome collection of figs with walnut, apricot sliced almond, figs with sliced pistachio, apricot with cashew.

Ramadan Nights (AED 194.25)

After long hours of fasting, chocolates and dates give the right energy boost with sugar and carbohydrates. Chocolates and dates are an unbeatable combination for a Ramadan gift. Ramadan paper lantern and scented candle to create the holy feel.

Ramadan Tree (AED 441.00)

Yes, this collection contains all the festive flavours and something special! Chocolates, mixed nuts, dates, Belgian chocolates set in a Deo Willow Wooden Tree.  

With the variety of Ramadan gifts available online, you no longer need to go to shops to buy one. Indeed, there are fun gifts such as the EID Balloon Bouquet (AED 152.25). Or the Star Sprinkle Balloon Bouquet (AED 295.05). Try out unusual collections available that will also surprise your loved and dear ones. When thinking of a gift, think of all age groups from children to teenagers to adults.
Each may have a different taste and liking.

If you are looking for buy a gift for Ramadan or online gift delivery in Dubai, Mange Tout  has a rich collection of Ramadan gifts you could choose from. Find out for yourself and order at your convenience.


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