Guide to Make the Perfect Gift Basket for a Special Day

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Fruit BWhen you want to give something to someone, it need not always be a single product or object. It can be multiples of various items. Gift baskets help you to arrange various gift items and wrap it up in an elegant manner such that someone will be happy to receive the gift and cherish it. Some of the materials used for making gift boxes are wood, PVC, bamboo, cardboard, plastic sheets among others. Baskets can be decorated with cellophane and ribbons to make it look good and display the contents elegantly.  

Fruit Basket

Fruit neatly arranged in a wicker basket made of natural material is an ideal gift for any special occasion. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, festive occasions such as Ramadan. Our Detox Fruit Basket contains an assortment of fruits that are healthy for the mind and body. It includes green apples, pomegranate, lychees, kiwi avocado, green grapes, lemons among others.   Dates can be set in a wooden box that is glossy. The Wooden Date box contains 54 pieces of assorted Premium Khidri Stuffed and Plain Dates. This can be an ideal corporate gift.  

Sweet Baskets

Sweets such as chocolates are perfect gifts. And they come in various sizes and shapes. For a baby's birthday or baby's shower, chocolate boxes are ideal. The Baby Boy Choco Tray contain Belgian milk chocolates, teddy bear and set in a keepsake metal service tray. Ceramic pots can also be a good choice for arranging sweets. The Mega Choc-A-Block Chocolate contains 35 tasty pick and mix chocolate bars and elegantly arranged in a white ceramic pot. Or have a rich collection of Belgian Milk chocolates in an Earthenware Grey pot.

Flower Baskets 

Flowers spread fragrance, happiness and love. Hence it is an ideal gift for any occasion. It can be set in a vase, basket or any container. The Pink Beauty has a beautiful collection of light pink roses, hot pink roses, white roses and red roses. This bouquet is a perfect expression of love and appreciation. Orchids and roses set in a planter pot gives the feeling of being in a garden. It is filled with glowing purple orchids, white roses and dracaena. Or if you would like to compliment someone for attaining success, this Sweet Success bouquet set in a square vase is rich with flowers- red carnations, red roses, orange lilies... Or the Blue Tones set beautifully with white roses, blue hydrangeas, hypericum berries comfortably placed in a Square Cube vase.  Charming May has all the bright colours you love-  yellow roses, daisies, ruscus, fern and gypsophila.


Balloons Basket

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or a festive occasion, helium filled balloons spread joy and cheer. Helium Balloons and latex sparkly balloons with messages imprinted on it is a delightful gift that your loved ones will cherish. The Blue Spark Happy Birthday balloon contains a giant foil helium filled balloon with a 'Happy Birthday' message. It also contains a balloon weight and six helium filled latex balloons. Let happiness and joy fly high with such gift collections. 

Whatever be the gift, there is a choice of wicker baskets, seagrass baskets, plastic coated wire woven picnic baskets made of bamboo, wood or grass. Baskets can have two handles which adds to the utility and functionality. Natural materials such as bamboo or seagrass may be prone to spoilage but plastic-coated baskets are washable and resistant to mold. Woven willow baskets have an artistic and aesthetic value that makes it a keepsake.
If you are looking for gift baskets for any special occasion, Mange Tout has a wide range of collection of gift boxes to choose from.


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