5 ways to impress a crush with gifts

By pepagora digital, in Shopping

Having someone special in your life is one of the most exciting phases of life. The anticipation of looking forward to that chance meeting, any or every reason to strike a conversation, communicating volumes through eyes, wanting to buy gifts for your crush, all of this puts a zing in your life and makes you feel like you are walking on clouds. Your days and nights are full of dreams. But wait, for how long would you just want to daydream. Don’t you want to take that a step further and make it all real? Ok, we see what your problem could be. Although you are someone she would easily take to, you don't know how to make the first move, is that it? It’s much simpler than you feel right now! There’s always Mange Tout to help you with fresh gifting ideas and timely gift deliveries.

Although the simplest way is to buy gifts for your girlfriend, there are a few preliminaries to it. Here are 5 easy and practical ways to charm your crush or your girlfriend:

1. Just be yourself – If you try to be someone you are not when impressing a girlfriend to be or a crush, there’s every chance she can see through the act and become completely disinterested. The best part about being yourself is that you don’t have to remember clichéd lines, or the put on mannerisms. Who knows? She may already like you the way you are!

2. Surprise gifts for your girlfriend – Flowers say a lot about a man’s intentions and what he thinks about his girl. Choose exotic flowers from Mange Tout for a crush who is exclusive and choosy; flowers are always the best gift ideas for a crush. Bright yellow flowers for the girl who has a sunny disposition, White lilies or white roses for the one who is apparently untouched by the worlds’ malice, assorted pink roses for someone who brings out the romance in you and a bunch of red roses for someone who ignites your passion. An exotic special perfume is another gift idea for a crush

3.Chocolates are the most effective expression of intentions as gifts for a crush. Choose the gooey, luscious and exotic chocolates – Belgian, Godiva, nothing is too much for the one who has captured your heart.

4.The Love Tempting Treat from Mange Tout will sweep her off the floor with the yummiest, sumptuous black forest cake, well bloomed red roses and balloons

5.Do you think she would love to cuddle up to a teddy in bed? That would be a cute gift idea for a crush too. If so it would be a great idea to giveher the softest teddy you can think of. Maybe not the first time you are asking her out though. Wait till you know her a bit more and then add it to your list of gifts for your girlfriend.

Whatever your gift idea, Mange Tout has it all!

If all goes well and you get to take her out on your first date, take care to look well groomed, wear the best perfume and your confidence. A man who is well groomed and holding out an exotic bouquet to a girl has a better chance at wooing her rather than a man who is too casual about his appearance. Remember to choose a place that will make her feel safe and comfortable. Be an attentive listener who heartily participates in her conversation. That makes every girl feel special. If you are dropping her off at her home remember to meet her parents with a gift to show you are a good choice for their girl after all. Maybe, a basket of fresh fruits?




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