5 Reasons Why Chocolate Makes the Best Birthday Gift

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When thinking of a gift for a birthday, it is something sweet that always comes to our mind. And top on the list is chocolate. Irrespective of age, everyone likes to have a bite of it. The first chocolate box was introduced by Richard Cadbury in 1868 and ever since it has created a gifting revolution. British soldiers were gifted with chocolates by Queen Victoria in 1900 when they were fighting the Boer war in South Africa.  Now it is no longer required to go from shop to shop to select the best chocolates for gifting. Online birthday gift delivery services in Dubai make it easier to order a cake and get it delivered to the address of your choice.

Here are five reasons why chocolate makes the ideal birthday gift:

1. Expression of Love
: Chocolates denote love, and it indeed brings an instant smile on your loved one's face and cheers them up. It is guaranteed to bring happiness as it conveys the deepest feelings and emotions.

2. Healthy and Delicious: Eating chocolates may be bad for the tooth, if only you forget to rinse your mouth with water after eating it. In large quantities, sugar and high fat content may cause acne, obesity, and high blood pressure. But in general, it has several advantages such as lowering cholesterol, preventing cognitive decline and reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems.

3. Variety and Affordability: Variety and Affordability: Chocolates come in various flavours and shapes. It is available at various price points, has a longer shelf life and assorted chocolates give variety to your gift.  There are various types of chocolates including milk chocolates, dark chocolates, those with nuts and fruits. As they come in different sizes, they are affordable and have a universal appeal.

4. It is comforting: Chocolate brings cheer and happiness as a birthday gift because it contains tryptophan. These amino acids help produce serotonin in the brand that creates a feeling of happiness and satisfaction in each bite.  It uplifts the mood and prevents depression in people.

5. Gift to Share: Chocolate is an immensely shareable gift, and it can be shared with friends, colleagues, family               members. It spreads love, bliss and joy and radiates warmth. No wonder it is considered as the most ideal gift for someone you love.

Other Benefits of Chocolate Gifting

Among other benefits of chocolate for birthday gifting include its elegance in packaging, making it an assortment along with cakes, fruits, or other sweets. It can complement any other gift such as teddy bears, balloons and toys.  They can be customized to your requirement with a choice of sizes and shapes, ingredients and

 It is possible to personalise a chocolate gift by printing the name and birthday wishes on it. All chocolates are made from premium ingredients and use of a wooden box or any other packaging material can add value to the gift.

Chocolate gifts need to be avoided only if a person is allergic to it or to someone who has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Those with acid reflux also should not be given chocolates. But these are rare exceptions and generally chocolates are acceptable to all age groups especially children.

 Instead of one piece of chocolate you could also think of giving a variety of small pieces as a bouquet. There is no other gift that can be packed and presented in different ways. It can be wrapped in colourful gift boxes and blended with other items.

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