Most Unique and Romantic Gifts for Your First Wedding Anniversary

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Marriage is an important decision taken by an individual in his or her life and beginning of a new relationship. Each wedding anniversary is a reminder and celebration of years spent together.  It is an opportunity for partners to cherish the love and togetherness. In these times of pandemic when going out is not a safe option, partners can make use of wedding and anniversary gifts offered online in Dubai. 

Here are some unique and romantic gifts for first Wedding Anniversary:


Flowers spread fragrance and love around. There is nothing more memorable than offering a floral basket containing an assortment of flowers containing hydrangeas, pink roses, purple eustomas or green chrysanthemum and greenery. You have a choice of flower baskets, bouquets and floral arrangements.


Chocolates are delicious treats for festive occasions and best gift for someone you love. The Godiva Royale Gala Gift Box medium has the delicious signature pranline chocolates and tantalizing carres. Chocolates will be well appreciated by your love. Godiva's Milk Chocolate is creamy, silky smooth, simple squares makes it a sophisticated gift for the wedding anniversary.


Balloons come in all shapes and colours for celebrations. Confetti filled balloon could be surprise gift for wedding anniversary. The Gold Sprinkle Confetti Balloons has 20 or 40 clear balloons pre-filled with gold colour confetti and helium gas.  A balloon with first anniversary embossed would be a great way to celebrate. I Love You Balloon bouquets with red that radiates passion and love can also be considered. Let your love for each other fly high with Balloon Bouquets.They come with  a combination of foil balloons, red latex balloons, hanging ribbons and balloon weight. Filled with helium and ready to fly high.

Bluetooth Speaker

If your spouse loves music, a levitation orbital speaker is the right choice. This Bluetooth 4.1 specification, it also supports Enhanced Data Rate. Whether it is instrumental music or western, the high-fidelity sound that the speaker offers will be loved by your partner. It also can double as a USB charging port for smart phone or tablet.

Fruits and Balloons

Fruits and flowers give a feel of nature and beauty and make a great impression on your love. Seasonal fruits apples, oranges, bananas, nectarines, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, kiwi all add to the sweetness of this gift basket. Ofcourse, you have a teddy with a big hug and blue helium filled latex balloons.


Perfumes turn out to be perfect gifts to be cherished if you understand the preference of fragrance of your spouse. Eau de Parfum can be equally applied on skin and clothing and the right choice for women. Whether your partner prefers mild or high fragrance perfumes for work and functions, there are abundant choices available.

The first wedding anniversary is indeed an important milestone in the growth a relationship and partners will cement it further with the right gift choices. Mange Tout offers a rich collection of wedding anniversary gifts in Dubai.


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